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Akron, OH:

About Akron

Akron is the 5th biggest city in the State of Ohio. It is situated in Summit Country and is well known for being in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Alongside this, it is also in the Great Lakes Region, which is known for having some of the most picturesque scenery in the whole world. The population of around 200,000 may seem fairly small, but they have plenty to offer. One thing worth mentioning is that the city was founded back in 1825, so has plenty of history behind it that is for sure!

Things To Do in Akron

After arriving in the area of Akron, next comes the task of planning the adventure of a life time. One of the many unique things that can be found here is the Police Museum, something that many cities simply do not have. The Police Dept. in Akron will actually take tourists on a free tour. Throughout the tour they will see display objects, weapons that have been confiscated in the past, news reports and even photos. Tourists are able to access this attraction from 8-3.30 Monday right through to Friday of every week.

The history of Akron is extremely deep and this can be seen at the Glendale Cemetery. People that are visiting here will be able to get a taste of the history, from many stages in the past. This will include history dating back to the Civil War, which is in the Memorial Chapel. This was built in 1876 and is a focal point for many people that visit here. Alongside the area are a lot of grassy areas, which are used for festivals throughout the year. It shuts at dusk every day, but is open again the next day from dawn.

Weather in Akron

The climate in Akron is known for being extremely humid, especially during the summer months. The winters can be incredibly cold, with temperatures of -8 degrees being a regular occurrence during thee times. Of course, it is the summer where things really brighten up here. The temperatures will soon increase to the low 30 degree mark, which is more than warm enough for the majority of people that are visiting here.

Exploring Akron

The great thing about exploring Akron is that there is an online directory to help plan a trip called, which is now online featuring local places of interest and attractions.