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Boston, MA:

About Boston

Boston is the largest city and the capital of Massachusetts. It is one of the oldest cities in the whole of the US, not to mention the biggest in New England. As such, this city has managed to get a lot of press. Over the years it has been developed drastically, to a point now where it is a focal point for the whole of the US. Culture, history, arts, commerce, finance and tourism are all extremely dominate in the area and they have helped make it what it really is today.

Things To Do in Boston

After arriving in Boston, there are plenty of things to be getting on with. One of the popular things to do here is to come and visit the Boston Public Garden. Essentially, the garden has been developed using landfill, proving that even that, can look good if it is presented in the right way. This is the first botanical garden in the whole of the US and still known for being one of the very best. The heart and focal point of the gardens is the 4 acre lagoon, which people can actually go on using the swan boats, which have been there since 1877.

For those that want to mix their love of culture and arts on their trip here, the Museum of Fine Arts is certainly a great place to come and visit. Boston is known for having a whole host of the best museums in the world and this is one of the top ones for people visiting here. This particular museum incorporates around 450,000 different objects. The objects go back in history, with some of them dating back over 3,000 years, which means there is a chance to pick up some interesting facts relating to history as well whilst here.

Weather in Boston

The weather in Boston is suited to those that want to come here on a summer vacation. For instance, the mean temperature during the month of July is 23.2 °C, which is comfortable. Many other states have intense temperatures, which mean a vacation could end up being uncomfortably hot. Of course, the temperatures drop well below zero during the winter months.

Exploring Boston

Exploring Boston is easy using a directory like It incorporates all the listings for local business, bars and even the local attractions, so visitors can find everything they need on their travels here.