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Charlotte, NC:

About Charlotte

Charlotte is a fantastic place to visit in the US. It is the biggest city in North Carolina and sits at the base of the Mecklenburg County. The great thing about Charlotte is that it is known for having a great array of things to do, rather than being focused on certain things. As the city has become better known over the years, development has taken place. This means that there is a great structure in place for tourism, finance, commerce, sports, arts and much more, making this an extremely vibrant city to come and visit.

Things To Do in Charlotte

Of course, when arriving in Charlotte, it can be extremely overwhelming as there is just so much to do. One of the greatest attractions for families is certainly going to be the Freedom Park, which is much like Central Park. It has around 100 acres of land for people to explore. Some people walk, some people cycle and some people simply go there to relax. Those that enjoy the outdoors, nature and animals will certainly be in their element when it comes to Freedom Park, so it is certainly worth looking into.

Another of the great attractions to consider in the city of Charlotte is the Carowinds, which is one of the best amusement parks in the whole of the country. It is well known for being exciting and is therefore, packed with adrenaline junkies. Those that have the guts can experience the 100ft freefall drop that the Drop Tower has to offer, not to mention the hundreds of other rides that are here. The prices are extremely reasonable which makes for a well priced day out for all the family that are involved.

Weather in Charlotte

The weather in Charlotte is similar to the weather in the rest of the south-east of the US. The climate tends to be incredibly humid and of sub tropical nature, with temperatures in the winter being extremely cold. That being said, when summer dawns, the temperatures quickly rise into the low 30s which makes for a comfortable summer vacation for everyone that is visiting here.

Exploring Charlotte

Exploring Charlotte can be something that can become complicated for those that have not been before. Luckily, the introduction of the online directory means that people can find exactly what they want, where they want it, incredibly easily, so it is worth looking at before a trip here.