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Cincinnati, OH:

About Cincinnati

Cincinnati is well known in the US as being a great city to come and explore thanks to its rich history and culture that has surrounded it for years. It was first settled back in 1788 and since then, lots of development has taken place to ensure that it has developed into one of the best cities in the US. The population, like the quality of the attractions, has continued to grow, and it currently stands at around 300,000.

Things To Do in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a city that has plenty of attractions, so there are a great range of things to be getting involved with here and there is something for all the family. The Cincinnati Reds Baseball is among the most popular attractions in the area and over the years, has seen some of the best games ever. The stadium was created back in 2003 and it gives 42,000 people at a time the opportunity to get hold of the best sporting action in the world, something that can be seen nowhere else.

After getting in touch with the local sporting events and teams, a lot of people want a family day out. The best family day out in Cincinnati is certainly the Kings Island Amusement Park, which is located near Mason, Ohio, which is only a short drive away. This is an extremely large park, covering over 350 acres. It has 41 rides, 13 of which are roller coasters. There is truly a ride here for everyone, regardless of how intense they like them, so it is worth visiting.

Weather in Cincinnati

The weather in Cincinnati is known for being extremely humid and is classed as sub tropical. The summers here are extremely humid, but the warm temperatures make most people forget this fact. Anyone coming here should expect to see temperatures of around the high 20s and low 30s on multiple occasions, which sets up the perfect summer vacation. Winter months can be below freezing, so tend to be avoided by tourists in general.

Exploring Cincinnati

Exploring the Cincinnati area is an extremely exciting experience. History, culture, music, art, business and finance are all here. To find the best places, the majority of people will aim to use something like which is one of the best online directories relating to the local area and allows people to plan their trip successfully rather than missing out on attractions.