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Honolulu, HI:

About Honolulu

Honolulu is becoming one of the most popular destinations in terms of tourism in the US. The city is actually the capital of Hawaii and is also the one with the largest population, which currently stands at around 338,000. Of course, many people associate Hawaii with a tropical climate, which is the perfect setting for a great summer vacation. The development that is going on here thanks to tourism is huge, with nearly 500 high rise buildings now in the area.

Things To Do in Honolulu

There is a huge array of things to do when visiting this great city. One of the great things to do when visiting here is the Diamond Head State Monument. Essentially, this is set in the state park. It has around 0.8 miles of trails, which are all completely bricked and it incorporates nearly 100 steps. Those that come to Honolulu generally want to experience the Diamond Head Hike, as it is an experience, but also a great adventure at the same time. Of course, this is something that all the family can enjoy.

One thing that Honolulu is known for is exceptional beauty, just like the rest of Hawaii. One of the all time great things to do in Honolulu is to go and visit Manoa Falls, which is a unique set of trails and water falls that are in the heart of nature. In fact, one of the places here has a 150ft water fall, which is one of the best things to see in the area. The plants, colours and the wild life here, makes the whole experience even more amazing than it is anyway.

Weather in Honolulu

The weather in Honolulu is much like the rest of Hawaii. This means that during the winter months, the temperature will rarely drop below 15 degrees. That being said, the summer months are when the weather here will really excel. Temperatures during this period of the year will regularly hit 35 degrees and beyond, which makes this the perfect tropical summer holiday destination.

Exploring Honolulu

Coming to Honolulu is a fantastic experience that few people get. The great thing is, has now been designed to ensure that people can really find everything that they need. It incorporates all the contact details of local businesses and attractions, to ensure that nothing is missed when travelling to Honolulu.