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Memphis, TN:

About Memphis

Memphis is a great city in the US, which is located in the state of Tennessee. It is in Shelby County and is known for being one of the greatest cities in the South-western part of the US. The current population in Memphis is around 700,000, although like many cities in the US, this number continues to grow every single year. In terms of the focal points in the area, they include tourism, finance, sports and the US economy.

Things To Do in Memphis

The great thing about Memphis is that there are literally hundreds and hundreds of different things to do. One of the greatest things to do in the area is Overton Park, which is situated in Midtown. Essentially, this is the Memphis version of the NYC Central Park. The great thing about is that it features a zoo with over 3,500 animals in it, which means there is plenty to see and do for all the family. In terms of the attractions in Memphis, this is certainly one of the favourites for many people that tend to visit here.

Among the other great places to go and visit in Memphis is the Sun Studio, which has become an attraction that is now known on a world wide scale. According to many people, this part of down town is where the original rock and roll scene actually started. Many of the famous artists we still know today started their careers here. For instance, the likes of Elvis and even Johnny Cash both started here. The reality is anyone that knows music dating from the 60s onwards, would have been touched by Sun Studio at one point in their lives, in one way or another.

Weather in Memphis

Of course, one of the reasons that Memphis is so popular is because it has four distinct seasons and therefore, the summers here are extremely good. During the summer months, the temperatures will average at a high in the range of the mid 20s. What this means is that it is warm, but not too intense. This is why this tends to suit many of the people that have families with small children.

Exploring Memphis

Exploring Memphis can be difficult for those people that do not know the area well. The great thing is though, is a place where people can find the contact details and addresses of all the most popular places in the city, which means exploring, will have been made easy for them.