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Milwaukee, WI:

About Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a city that is not necessarily known on a world wide scale such as Boston or even Washington. That being said, it is the biggest of all the cities in the state of Wisconsin and is the 28th largest in terms of population, which currently stands at around 2,100,000. A lot of the culture and history relating to this great city is focused around Europeans. The first Europeans to set foot here were fur traders and missionaries, which came here back in 1818. Of course, since then the area has been commercialised on a large scale to meet the demand of tourists.

Things To Do in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a great place to come and visit for people that want to truly get out there and explore different parts of the worlds. Many people that visit here that enjoy sports will be pleased to know that there is on offer. The Brewers regular play at Miller Park, although in season, it is worth booking tickets in advance to avoid disappointment, as the games tend to fill up extremely quickly.

There are plenty of things to be getting on with here, including the live shows that take place at the Domes. Generally, there will be music shows going on here, but there are lots of different dance shows on offer as well. After a night out here, there are some other options, such as going to Milwaukee's Spy Bar, which is known as the Safe House. Another great option is to go to Organ Piper Pizza, which offers the best pizza that money can buy in the local area, so is certainly worth looking into.

Weather in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is known for having a climate that fluctuates a great deal. The reality is that the Great Lakes Region is one of the best places to come to visit. It has snowy and cold winters, which many people tend to enjoy. That being said, during the summer the temperatures become warm and humid, generally averaging around the low 20's.

Exploring Milwaukee

There is so much to do in Milwaukee, which means planning a trip prior to leaving is going to be the most important thing to do. allows people to do this. It is an online directory that focuses on providing contact details and addresses of all the local businesses, as well as the biggest and best attractions in the area, so is worth exploring before visiting Milwaukee.