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Minneapolis, MN:

About Minneapolis

Minneapolis is well known for being the city of lakes, but also mill city. Situated in Hennepin County, it is the biggest city in the whole of Minnesota and also the 40th biggest in the US. The population here is fairly small, at just 382,000 and it sits on the banks of the Mississippi River. The scenery here is more than picturesque and vast, and it certainly has a special feel about it. Minneapolis is well known for having many of the Fortune 500 companies within its borders and therefore, this is a city known for commerce and finance.

Things To Do in Minneapolis

There are a huge number of different things to see and do throughout Minneapolis, all of which are worth exploring. The first thing that is worth doing is to go down to First Avenue. On a regular basis there are a great range of shows on offer here, all of which offer an excellent night out. Generally the bands will be rock, pop and indie, but there are also the likes of comedians and even dancers. There will be truly, something for everyone here, so head on down.

Not everything in Minneapolis is related to the Uptown part of the city. Many people prefer to venture downtown instead, which is where the Theatre is located. Of course, seeing a show is one option, but there is plenty more to the local area than that. For instance, there is a great range of American Apparel and there motorcycle scene here is certainly well known for being incredible. The diversity of this great city is what tends to make it so special.

Weather in Minneapolis

The weather in Minneapolis is not necessarily the best in the states. That being said, the winters are mild, and those that are positive use the cooler temperatures to their advantage, getting out in off road trucks and snowmobiles. Of course, the summer months take a huge change for the better and temperatures tend to hit 40 degrees on many occasions.

Exploring Minneapolis

Exploring Minneapolis is an experience in its own right, but it can be difficult for those people that do not really know the area well. Using an online directory such as will be a huge help, as it will allow people to find the best local attractions, the places of interest and also places to stay, ensuring that a trip is one to remember.