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Omaha, NE:

About Omaha

Omaha is a fantastic city to come and visit and one of the most popular in the state of the Nebraska. This is partly due to the fact that it is the biggest and therefore, tends to get the majority of the press. It is situated in the mid-western part of the US, which is on the Missouri River. The population here is around 410,000, which makes it the 42nd biggest city in the US. Of course, like many developing cities, this is a number that continues to grow, year on year. It is certainly a city that is great to explore.

Things To Do in Omaha

After getting to Omaha, then comes the challenge of planning what to do and when. Families will certainly find it worth while heading over to the Henry Doorly Zoo, which is one of the most popular attractions in the city. The Zoo is well known for having a great range of animals. Alongside this, popular exhibits include the SkyFari Ride and the Shark Exhibit. Both of these can be enjoyed by people of all ages, so this is truly a day out that is suited to all the family.

Another great attraction to come and visit here is the Durham Western Heritage Museum. This is known for being one of the most exciting museums in the area. Not only are the exhibits here extremely interesting, but they are also interactive, which means people of all ages can really get involved in the history of this great city. This museum takes people back hundreds of years, but also shows how things today are utilising past developments, which makes for an interesting and informative day out.

Weather in Omaha

Omaha is known for having good weather during the summer months, but not necessarily a great winter. In fact, those that are here to experience the winter will know that the temperatures will drop into double figures below freezing and sometimes, the cold can be extreme, which is not suitable for those with small children. However, when the snow fall disappears the temperatures change for the better. Throughout the summer months the average temperature is in the mid 20s which is extremely comfortable.

Exploring Omaha

Exploring Omaha is a great experience for those that have planned their trip. A great way to plan a trip is to use, which is one of the best online directories. It features all the most popular places to visit in the local area of Omaha.