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Plano, TX:

About Plano

Plano is an exciting city which is situated in the heart of Texas, but also in Collin County. The current population of the city is around 270,000, which makes it the 9th most populated city in the whole of Texas. The corporate head quarters of many leading brands are situated here and they include the likes of Traxxas, Pixxa Hut and even HP Enterprise Services. The economy here is booming and many of these brands operate on a global scale, meaning that the employment rate is high.

Things To Do in Plano

After arriving in Plano in Texas, many people will be confused as to what to do first, as there is so much on offer. The Ice Bound Entertainment Centre is well known for being an exciting prospect for anyone that wants to get involved. It has the likes of NHL sized skating rinks, which keeps all the family entertained. In fact, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with a hot air balloon flight as well, which is an experience that should certainly not be missed.

Not everyone wants an adrenaline packed vacation when they come and visit here, so they will be pleased to know that there are some more relaxing things to do. Of course, shopping and fine dining are always on the cards. Prior to a meal though, many of the people that visit here are interested in going to the Putt-Putt Golf & Games. This is relaxing but also exciting at the same time and is an activity that can be experienced and enjoyed by people of all ages.

Weather in Plano

The weather in Plano is affected by what is known by a sub tropical and humid climate, which means the weather varies a great deal throughout the year. For instance during the winter months, the temperature can regularly go below zero, which means it is not ideal. That being said, when the summer months set in, the temperatures can easily average around 25-30 degrees, which makes the heat ideal, but certainly not too intense.

Exploring Plano

Exploring Plano is something that families, groups and couples can do. The great thing about it is that there are plenty of resources to help. One of the very best resources is, which is one of the most impressive online directories of its kind, featuring the contact details of all the local attractions and facilities.