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San Antonio, TX:

About San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the bigger cities in the US and for that reason; it has become extremely popular with tourists. Around 1.3 million people currently live here, although that number is increasing thanks to the stabilising economy. There are plenty of things going on here in terms of arts, culture, sports and even business, so there truly is something for everyone that wants to visit here, regardless of the purpose of their trip!

Things To Do in San Antonio

After arriving in San Antonio, one of the great places for families to go and visit is certainly going to be the San Antonio Zoo, which is the best attraction for miles. It is situated within 56 acres of prime land and has plenty of things to keep families busy. One thing that can be said for this park it that it is laid out in an extremely clever way. This means that parents will not get tired carrying or pushing their children around. Instead, children are likely to be running round excited by the likes of the Play Scape and the Africa Live show.

Another of the fantastic attractions that is on offer here is the Witte Museum, which is well known for being one of the better places to visit here. Essentially, this museum is based around science and therefore is extremely factual. That being said, the facts are laid out in such a way that people of all ages will be able to understand them. The reality is that many people that visit simply want to come back s there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. Children under 3 are free and adults pay just $8, which makes this an extremely cheap day out!

Weather in San Antonio

The weather in San Antonio is by no means mild. August and July are the months that people visit here on their summer holidays. These months tend to average around 35 °C, but on many occasions the temperature will exceed this figure. Of course, for those that are looking for less intense heat, visiting around June or September is likely to be a much better option.

Exploring San Antonio

Exploring San Antonio is an extremely exciting experience. The reality is that using a directory such as is going to be extremely useful when it comes to finding what and when things are on, to avoid missing anything major!