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Toledo, OH:

About Toledo

Toledo is the 4th biggest city in Ohio in terms of its population, which is currently around 289,000. The city has a rich history and strong cultural background, which dates all the way back to 1833 when the city was first founded. The Toledo War played a major part in how the city operates today and many traditions are still in place. Glass and Auto Assembly are both extremely big industries in the area and local sports team are the focal point for many residents.

Things To Do in Toledo

After arriving in Toledo, there will be no shortage of things to do that is for sure. The great thing about Toledo is that it is home to the Zoo, which is located in Southern End of the city. According to statistics, this has been rated as one of the top 10 zoos in the country. This is partly due to some of the main features that have been incorporated, which include the likes of the Hippoquarium, which is extremely unique. Alongside this, there is the African Savanna and the Artic Encounter, which means this, is a Zoo that is extremely diverse.

Another great attraction that is situated in Toledo is the Museum of Art, which is popular with tourists, but also the locals. There is something for everyone here including the likes of prints, furniture and even mummies. There are thousands of pieces on display, some weird and some extremely wonderful. It is certainly worth taking a camera and capturing the moment when visiting here.

Weather in Toledo

The weather in Toledo is much like many of the other cities that are situated in the Great Lakes region. The climate is extremely humid and throughout the year the city experiences four different seasons. Of course, it is the summer season that interests most people. During the summer season, which takes place around July, temperatures will average in the low 20s, although the lows 30s tend to be breached on a daily basis at the peaks in the day, making this an excellent vacation destination for summer.

Exploring Toledo

Exploring Toledo is an exciting experience for everyone involved, especially those that have never been here before. Those that have not been here should think about using, which is a well known internet directory, offering the contact details of all the main places of interest throughout the city, allowing people to plan their journey in full.