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Washington, DC:

About Washington

Washington is certainly one of the most well known cities in the whole of the US. Location just to the North of Oregon, and West of the great Idaho, this is a city that puts tourists in a convenient position when it comes to exploring the rest of the US. In terms of land area, Washington is the 18th biggest state, although it has a dense population and therefore, has the 13th biggest population.

Things To Do in Washington

After arriving here in Washington, there are plenty of different activities to be getting on with. To really get involved with what Washington has to offer, a lot of people aim to go for the National Air and Space Museum. Not only is this an extremely factual experience, but there are some hands on exhibits. This means that it is not just good for the older people in the family, but for the younger children as well - there is plenty to keep everyone entertained!

Another option is to look at the National Archives, which will allow people to get involved with films both old and new. The films here were used back in the 1950s, in the Congressional Hearings. People were basically convinced that aliens had invaded the country and this was a way of getting people off that subject. Of course, people that have families are certainly going to want to go to the National History Museum Insect Zoo, which is an opportunity for a great day out.

Weather in Washington

The weather in Washington is exceptional, which is why the majority of people here are on a summer vacation. Although the average annual temperature is around 11 °C, the reality is that in the summer months, the temperatures average above 30 °C during the day times. This is warm, but not necessarily too warm, which is extremely important.

Exploring Washington

Exploring Washington is something that hundreds of thousands do every single year. The great thing about Washington is that it has a wealth of different things to offer people. Great bars, great clubs, great places to eat and best of all, a great range of attractions. Of course, finding them can be difficult for people that have not been here before. This is one of the reasons why has been set up. It has a comprehensive list of all the location facilities and contact details for all of them, helping people get to where they want, when they want.